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Gov 97: Sophomore Tutorial (The Politics of Organized Crime)

Teaching Fellow, with Professor Ryan Enos. I developed the syllabus and was the lead instructor for my seminar of the tutorial. See Reviews and Comments

- Recipient of a Certificate of Distinction and Excellence

Gov 1292: Politics in Brazil

Teaching Fellow, with Professor Frances Hagopian. See Reviews and Comments.

- Recipient of a Certificate of Distinction and Excellence

Gov 1290: Comparative Democratization​

Teaching Fellow, with Professor Steven Levitsky​. See Reviews and Comments.


Gov 2000: Quantitative ​Methods for Political Science (Cross-listed Stat E190). 

Teaching Fellow, with Professor Xiang Zhou​. See Reviews and Comments (G0v 2000) and Reviews and Comments (Stat E190). Sample lecture video available upon request. 

API 202-Z: Empirical Methods II (Harvard Kennedy School) 

Teaching Fellow, with Professor Gregory Bruich. See Reviews and Comments

Harvard Summer School 

Gov P-16120: Space Matters: How Geography Affects Politics

Head Instructor, Harvard Pre-College Program​. See Syllabus and Reviews (2018) (2019) (2020) (2021).

I have taught a range of substantive, methodological, and policy-oriented courses, both in the classroom and online. My teaching has been recognized twice by the Harvard Bok Center with a Distinction in Teaching Award.

I am passionate about teaching and mentorship as a pathway to reduce inequality, both through formal in informal channels. Specifically, as a quantitative methods instructor, I strive to empower underrepresented learners. Outside the classroom, I have mentored senior thesis writers and PS-Prep prospective graduate students, among others.

My students include undergraduates, graduate PhD students, policy school students, and summer school learners. 

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